Starting Jan 1st, we will be performing a World First in streaming! #100daysofrootkit :744175059588874270: We will be streaming for 100 days, 1-3 hours each, teaching programing to anyone so you can go from ZERO to HERO. Join us and learn! This is a $20K+ value we are doing for free. We will be teaching almost everything you need in order to get our Computer Engineering Certification.

We will be giving aways $100s in merch during the event!

Watch us live on YouTube, Twitch, or Discord

Why are you doing this?
  1. Educate people so they can better their lives
  2. Spread Awareness of our non-profit and our mission
  3. Raise money for our operations so we can grow and continue changing the world
How do I donate to the fundraiser or RootKit directly?

You can donate to get exclusive merch from the fundraiser HERE or you can donate directly to us HERE.

The best way to support RootKit financially is to become a Patreon sub or Discord server member!

How do I enter the giveaways?

We will be posting our weekly giveaways in our Blog. Check there to see what is the latest giveaway.

What are you giving away?

We are giving away RootKit merch like Stickers, T-Shirts, Pins and MORE. This is also the only time you can get our exclusive #100DaysOfRootKit merch.

I don't know much about programming, can I join?

Yes 100%. This is made for you to go from ZERO to HERO!

I don't have a good computer, is that ok?

Yes 100% that is ok. You don’t need a good computer to be a programmer. You just need an internet connection.

How do I join?

You can join by subscribing to our YouTube channel, following ourTwitch or joining our Discord. You will be alerted when our live streams are about to start. They are streamed live and free for anyone to watch. They are also recorded so you can watch them later!

What do I need?

Nothing is required for the stream at first except internet and a browser. Later on you will need VSCode and Python installed.

How long are the classes?

They will be 1-3 hours long. But depending on the day and how engaged people are these could go longer. 

But for the most part, 1-3 hours. We don’t want to break your head from being overloaded with information.

What time are the streams?

Depends on the day. But most streams will be happening around 11AM EST.