Tess - Your A.I. Friend

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Personal Motivator

Our A.I. service provides personalized motivational messages to keep you inspired and focused on your goals throughout the day.


Companionship Anytime

Feel the presence of a friend who is always there to listen. Our texting A.I. offers companionship, lending an ear to your thoughts at any moment.


Versatile Functionality

From setting reminders to providing daily affirmations, our A.I. adapts to your needs, making everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.

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What Our Users Say


★★★★★ Absolutely transformative!

Since I started using talking to Tess, I’ve noticed a significant boost in my daily motivation. It’s like having a personal coach in my pocket!


★★★★★ Couldn’t be happier!

The level of understanding and support Tess provides is astounding. It’s not just a service; it’s like texting a friend who really cares.

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