Our mission is to certify and educate the next generation of aspiring developers in the Computer Engineering realm through advanced courses and exams.

Meet Our Champions!!

Elijah Harmon

Founder and President

Susanna Harmon

Founder and Secretary

Jourdan Wallace

Founder and Treasurer

Taylor Morse

Technical Champion

Meghan Elford

Public Relations

RootKit is family founded nonprofit run by dedicated Champions! We have assembled a diverse variety of dedicated volunteers and subject matter experts to turn this dream into reality. A number of our Champions and contributors are also military veterans! Our certifications and courses are created by industry standard experts having acquired their proficiency through on the job experience with notable companies such as Boeing, Department of Defense, Microsoft, and the National Security Agency.

one bit at a time

Changing the World one bit at a time!

We, the founders and volunteers here at RootKit, encourage you to join us in our endeavor as we pave the way to an elite education for aspiring Cyber Engineers!

Diversity Statement

At RootKit, we recognize that not every person is afforded equal access to education and career advancement due to institutional racism and sexism. We are committed to creating equal opportunity for all individuals regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. This commitment is shown through our debt-free access to a computer-engineering education as well as free certification exams. It is also shown through our values and belief that we can create a better world and organization when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity regardless of where we started, what we look like, etc. This means building a more diverse and inclusive industry and promoting our values in our communities.

We hope to one day break the mold within the computer-engineering world and expand the diversity within the industry. For us, breaking the mold means speaking out for what is right and sharing experiences and opinions. While it is not our place to share others experiences, we strive to make space for others to share theirs safely. Our part to play is to ask questions, respecting answers, being open to fresh perspectives, and appreciating others contributions.