Dirty Pipe and Brute Force in the same video? Our video might be taken down.

So you are into pipe? Eh, I’m more into sockets to be honest.

I think we can all agree that the phrase Dirty Pipe never means anything good, no matter the context. A new High Severity vulnerability, nicknamed Dirty Pipe, has been found and apparently has been lurking around in Linux for the past several years. This vulnerability apparently affects all major Linux OSs including Android. The researcher, Max Kellermann of CM4all, was about to successfully weaponize the vulnerability by adding an SSH key to the root user’s account. Effectively giving him full access to the box. I mean, I have been saying for years we need to upgrade the pipes in Linux to PVC. They don’t Rust!

Dirty Pipe


Using brute force is a quick way to break something, unless it is for password cracking. Hive Systems just released their Famous 2022 Hive Systems Password Table which outlines how easy and cheap it is to currently crack hashed and salted passwords. Their tests found that most 7 and 8 character passwords could be cracked relatively quickly with either an RTX 3090 or using 8 A100 cards. We at RootKit think this is to conservative of an estimation because if I really wanted your password cracked, we would use wayyy more than just 8 A100 cards to brute force your password. This is another reason why you should always use 16+ complex character passwords with 2 factor authentication turned on. Don’t like memorizing passwords like this? Then use a password manager like these until a better solution becomes standard.

Password Brute Forcing


After a month-long battle against Amazon, RootKit has finally won its battle against the Tech giant after it wrongly and aggressively removed all New World content on our YouTube channel. This was bluntly an attack against the non-profit for exploiting blatant weaknesses in one of the Worst and buggiest games ever released in gaming history. 

Winning against Amazon (New World Bot)

Jenson the Magician’s GTC is happening March 21-22. Get ready for another mind blowing ride on how much in the future we really are and why you should never trust anything ever again. If you are a dev and have never attended GTC before, we highly recommend it. It is a really insightful conference about the latest and greatest SOTA technologies that Nvidia and their partners have developed. There are also $150 all day training courses where you can become certified in a Machine Learning course that Nvidia teaches. 

Nvidia GTC



Take the thing, and take other thing and just put them together. That is Apple’s strategy for the M1 Ultra and the current advertised stats are off the charts. The M1 ultra is 2 M1 Maxes glued together with the world’s fastest processor to processor bus. They were able to do this so effectively that developers do not need to write any additional code in their application in order to utilize 100% of the new process’s capabilities. So far Apple has been on a hot streak with their custom SoCs and hopefully the M1 Ultras claim will be true and continue this hot streak. This will allow an amazing performance boost for Mac Enthusiasts everywhere and really is putting to shame other hardware manufacturers like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. Apple is truly revolutionizing the world again with its hardware. 

M1 Ultra


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